Thursday, May 14, 2015

Welcome to Jacob Bodilly Pottery 

Jacob in his Pottery at Eden, Greenham on the Devon/Somerset border 2018. 

Handmade Ceramics  -  Bespoke Commissions
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Photo Session by Ryan Hallett

Here's a small selection of shots from a recent photo shoot.

All photos by Ryan Hallett Videographer

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Past Works - Jacob Bodilly - Pots for Sale - Spring 2015

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Note; For current sales please now follow 'pots for sale' link at top right of page.

Mugs & Beakers

Tall mug with Hagi white and Iron splodges. 

Shino Beaker with Iron dots.

Shino Beaker with Wave Decoration.

Boscean Mug with muted Green Celadon glaze.

Tall Mug with Tenmoku glaze and finger decoration.

Boscean Mug with Blue/Green ash glaze.

Tenmoku mug with Wave decoration.

Tall mug with green ash glaze and wave decoration.

Standard mug with white interior and Tenmoku glaze.

Boscean Mug with White Hagi glaze

Boscean Mug with impressed decoration and green ash glaze.

Bubble Mug with White Hagi glaze running into Tenmoku.

Standardware Mug with white Hagi glaze. 

Bubble Mug with Tenmoku glaze running into White Hagi glaze.

Celadon Beaker. (Pair Available), (9.5 by 9.5 cm)

Green ash glazed Beaker.

Silken White glaze Beaker.

Standardware Mug with Tenmoku glaze.

Standardware Mug with Celadon Glaze.

Coffee Cup with White Hagi Glaze. 

Coffee Cup with White interior and Tenmoku Glaze.

Coffee Cup with Celadon Glaze. 

Shino Glazed Beaker with Wave decoration and Iron Dots.

Milk Jugs & Pitchers

Milk Jug with subtle Wave decoration and blue glaze.

Green Ash Glazed Milk Jug.

Green Ash glazed Milk Jug.

Milk Jug with White Hagi Glaze. (in stock)

Celadon Milk Jug.

Tenmoku Milk Jug.

Milk Jug with White Slip and Wave Decoration.

Pure White Milk Jug.

Milk Jug with White interior and Tenmoku Glaze.

(All pitchers below, accept for the large one, measure 20cm high and hold 1.6/8 lt.)

Standard Pitcher with Green Ash Glaze. 

Standard Pitcher with White Glaze.

Large Pitcher (28cm high), with Green Celadon Glaze.

Pitcher with Green Ash Glaze and Wave Decoration.

Tall Pitcher with Matt White Hagi Glaze. (Very Toasted)

Pitcher with running Glaze drips and Toasted body.


Standardware Bowl with Celadon glaze. 

Standardware Bowl with White Hagi Glaze. (In Stock).

Pouring bowl with White glaze. (20 by 9 cm)

Pouring Bowl with Green Ash Glaze.

Pouring Bowl with White Hagi Glaze. (18 by 9 cm).

Serving Bowl with Green Glaze interior. (24 by 12 cm)

Serving Bowl with White Hagi Glaze. (24 by 12 cm).

Serving Bowl with Rich Tenmoku Glaze. (24 by 12 cm).

Tea Bowls

Shino Bowl with Finger Decoration and Iron Dots.

White Hagi glaze with Melted Rim and Throwing Lines.

Shino Bowl with Tenmoku Pours

Quiet Bowl with Off-White Textured Hagi Glaze.

Shino/Tenmoku Bowl.

Tenmoku bowl with Purple Chun Glaze Interior. 

Bubble shape over-sized Yunomi with Purple Chun Glaze.

Shallow Tenmoku Bowl. (Sublime quality).

Storage Pots 

Jar with White Glaze and Iron splodges.

Blue glaze Jar. (13 by 11 cm).

Rich Tenmoku Jar.

Jam Pots with Green Ash glaze.

Large Storage Pot.

Smaller Tenmoku Jar.

Celadon Jar (Second - due to Lime blow)

Tea Pots

Celadon Teapot with Cane Handle. Approx 1.2 Litre.

Small Tenmoku Teapot with Clay Handle.


Tenmoku Wildflower Vase.

Celadon Bottle Vase.

Flower Vase with White glaze running into Black over Combed decoration.
(Made as a Commission)

Little Bottle with Grey Speckle glaze and Opposing Glaze Dips.