Thursday, September 11, 2014

2nd Firing


The second firing had some good pots. I had different glaze tests and a few more expressive pieces inside.

I have photographed some of the notable pieces of the firing. It was mainly full of mugs and bowls again but I had some Zen bowls, milk jugs and salad bowls too. There was a lovely celadon milk jug that went very pale and matte from the top shelf, and a very toasted Zen bowl.

The kiln took 11 hours to fire this time, and we spent 7 hours dismantling the wood kiln. We are choosing a different design now.

So after all this, me and my brother took clay we dug up from the Pottery's garden and made figures.
We decided to sit out in the sun, with a Potter's brew, and make things with our very own clay!

Oh, and then I started running round the yard like a madman!


  1. Historic! You must be so pleased to have completed a glaze firing at your new studio and produced some lovely forms. Tom : - )

  2. Impressive work. Elaine@ClayTransformations