Thursday, August 7, 2014

Workshop Finished! Kiln Rising! June/July Photo Album

Much work has been done throughout May, June and July. The workshop is finished at last and clay is being prepared. Thanks to my brother Lloyd and good friend Paulo the task has been so enjoyable, I could not have done it alone. And my family have also been to support me and have been helping me also. So far we have celebrated two birthdays in the Pottery already!

We have built wood stores outside, built the workshop and decorated. We have refurbished the Leach kick wheel and painted it our own colour 'Bodilly Blue'. We formulated the colour ourselves. I have made all the worktops in solid Cedar wood from Dan Franklin's 'Wooden Ways' timber yards in Holcombe Rogus. And thanks to that lovely man, we have amazing Devonshire timber, sending a nice smell in the workshop. The wood came in 4 metre lengths and was 70cm wide and 2 and a quarter inch thick. I have sanded it all down and treated it with Danish oil. I have built a sink unit too, but major work need to be done later this year to have it plumbed 'inside'. The outside yard tap has to suffice, for now! We have had to level the floors and point the walls, plus treat the wood where possible and fix the holes in the roof! And that's just the half of it........Phew!
The wood kiln is being built now. I am currently capping off the fire boxes, and a kiln chamber will sit on top! I don't really have enough money to finish the kiln, but somehow it will be built!! Haha....

I hope soon I can invite visitors to come and see the Pottery working, and pots flying off the wheel!

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  1. It looks fabulous. Elaine @ Clay Transformations