Friday, June 20, 2014

March 2014 - start at new workshop.

I found this workshop in March. This was what it looked like on the first day, a complete dump. At this point all my equipment was still at Boscean Pottery in Cornwall. It was full of old stuff, that needed clearing out. Including pickles that had labels on them dating back as far as the 70's!The electrician came that day to do some rewiring. So I stripped out all the old cables and tacks.  Its an old barn/shed type building that had crazy electrics, leaked, was damp, has no running water or level floors, hahah! So i have had lots to do........


  1. You will shine through..
    Looks like a great space.
    Keep the coffee brewing eat stake and you will kick it all onto shape!,

  2. What great potential! Your "before" pictures will be part of history when you post your "after" shots. Am looking forward to it and to visiting one day before too long.