Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Korean Ceramic Artist - Lee Kang Hyo

I came across the work of Lee Kang Hyo this week. The story of his gradual build up to independence and rather classic 'master artist' mentality spoke to me.  The basis of his approach comes through training as a traditional Ongii potter.  Lee Kang Hyo saw of the potential of Ongii as a student and went against the grain of his fellow artists by following this native Korean technique in the modern age. 

Check his name on a websearch and find loads more great pictures and articles......

Artist statement written by Lee Kang Hyo

The work of an artist reflects his or her life. The temperament of a person is influenced by one’s natural environment. When traveling around the country, mountains are like screen folds enabling one to marvel and be awestruck by the essence of nature. The everlasting theme in my work is based on mountains, fields and sky. Everything that exists has its own reason and beauty. Making something with clay with the hands and then painting white over the surface is an expression of my dream. I am alive at this minute. Finding life’s meaning is too vast and confusing. It is a struggle and a conflict to find the inner self. Life is not that exceptional nor does it contain a great meaning, yet mere existence itself is precious and beautiful. Making art is like setting off to travel to find peace in the mind. On the throwing wheel, a concentric circle is made then numerous different circular shapes are created. Through this clay a space and a mass is created. This space contains my life. It is I. There is joy in taking a deep breath and viewing mountains; life is definitely worthwhile just for the fact that I am able to see and exist. Furthermore, I make things that can be looked at and enjoyed. My work is an expression of everything that exists. It is my life itself.

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