Monday, September 15, 2014

3rd firing- The cycle ends and begins....

The third firing had some nice pieces. I had the larger pieces in this last firing, as before I was almost testing the kiln an glazes again. We had a great weekend with some of our first customers, and now the first batch of pottery is completed I had a day off. Tomorrow I will start throwing again and the cycle will begin again.
All of my pots are for sale at my workshop, so feel free to visit the workshop, or contact me by email if you are interested in anything in particular. Contact details,

Eden, Greenham, Wellington, Devon TA21 0JY


  1. Looking at these once again I am struck by the elegance of them.
    the potting seems perfect , the lines are singing and there is none of that 'whatever'attitude that sometimes creeps into making pots.

    Mindfull pottery, I like.