Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Historic Pottery announces its closure after 52 years of production.

The Boscean Pottery in St. Just is forced to close this year following the death of its owner, Beth Marshall, in late February this year.

The Pottery was founded in 1962 by Leach Pottery apprentice Scott Marshall and Leach student Richard Jenkins. The pair had great success, producing rustic pottery for London markets, and also employed apprentices in its early years. From the 1970’s and onwards the Pottery was run by Scott Marshall who’s prolific output of kitchenware and ovenware supplied local customers and annual visitors up until his death in 2008.

For the last 3 years the workshop and gallery had been run by well-known potter, Jacob Bodilly.

Jacob had trained at the Leach Pottery in St Ives when it reopened in 2008 and went on to run Boscean Pottery after his training.

During the three years he spent at Boscean Pottery he enjoyed success with annual exhibitions and commissions from the Eden Project, Kurt Jackson and English Heritage. Jacob spent his time reviving the Pottery workshops and customer base, whilst writing a book about the sites history.

Following Boscean Pottery’s closure in March, Jacob has set about relocating his entire practice to Devon, near the hamlet of Greenham, on the Devon/Somerset border. This has come as a shock to many but although born in Cornwall, Jacob spent much of his life in Devon and is moving to be closer to friends and family.

The Pottery is now empty and the vast collection of its studio pottery and furniture will be sold at auction on the 10th and 11th of July next month at David Lay auctions’, Penzance. The lots contain rare pieces made at the Leach Pottery and a substantial amount of William Marshall studio pottery and Scott Marshall kitchenware. The auction will also contain up to 50 contemporary pots by Jacob Bodilly.

Jacob urges people that these are the last works to be made at the historic site and this auction hopes to make them accessible to the public and collectors.

Jacob extents his gratitude to Beth Marshall and her family for their support over the last three years and would like to thank all visitors and customers that have supported Boscean Pottery over its 52 year legacy.

News of Jacob’s new workshop will be posted on this blog: https://jacobbodillypottery.blogspot.com

For information on the auction go to:
  01736 361414

And information and details regarding Jacob Bodilly Pottery:  


 Boscean Pottery 2013
Scott Marshall and Richard Jenkins at the Pottery circa 1965

Scott Marshall circa 1990

Scott Marshall throwing jars circa 1965


  1. You did the place proud Jacob.

  2. Shame...well done to all the work you have done. Good luck to the future of pottery.